SynFoam Syntactic Foam


Utility Development Corporation
Manufacturer of industrial use coatings and composites.

CabFab Protective Fabrics
Affordable chem/bio protection for individuals and groups.

SynFoam Syntactic Foam
Syntactic Foam for subsea and aerospace applications.

Exceline Paints
Environmentally friendly paints and coatings for industrial and household markets.

Staff Memberships

American Chemical Society
Membership organization for chemists, chemical engineers and technicians, promoting the public's perception and understanding of chemistry and chemical engineering

Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Enginnering
An international professional member society, provides information on new materials and process technologies through forums, publications and books

Society of Plastics Engineers
An international organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and education needed by all plastics and polymer professionals

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
An international professional society dedicated to serving its members and the manufacturing community through the advancement of professionalism, knowledge, and learning.

New Jersey Business and Industry Asociation
Employer association providing information, services and advocacy for its member companies in order to build a more prosperous New Jersey