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Self Sealing Tank

The Sealathane Self Sealing System incorporates a proprietary sealing technology into our standard castable and rotocast polyurethane systems to provide the ultimate in ballistics damage control. Sealathane has been proven to significantly slow leaks caused by ballistic threats up to 14.5mm on both the entrance and exit holes caused by the impact of a bullet. Use of Sealathane can minimize rapid fuel loss in dangerous environments and allow a vehicle to be operated to safety without threat of failure due to fuel loss. Possible explosions due to ignition of fuel in a hostile environment is virtually eliminated with the use of Sealathane's Self Sealing technology.

The Self Seal system can be used in place of existing tanks that are typically made out of polyethylene or other plastic materials. Our Self Sealing rotocast products are designed to provide optimum rotational molding of large complex shapes which are currently used to manufacture both civilian and military fuel tanks. The Self Seal system is compatible with standard rotational molding equipment and can be used as a direct drop in replacement for HDPE resins. The cure time and temperature required to mold a self sealing tank are shorter than a standard run with HDPE, allowing a company to maximize their production efficiency.

Sealathane Systems designed for use as a fuel tank replacement are extremely chemical resistant. Unlike other products on the market, which are designed to react with fuel and swell to seal a leak, Sealathane can be used in direct contact with chemicals. Other products require protective exterior wraps to insulate the coating from coming in contact with oils, fuels, and other chemicals which adds even more weight to the vehicle, reducing fuel efficiency and negatively impacting vehicle performance. Sealathane has been tested to perform exceptionally well in the presence of both unleaded and diesel gasoline, kerosene, and JP8 fuel. Sealathane is also unaffected by oils and hydraulic fluids and requires no exterior protectie layers to maintain it's sealing performance. Sealathane can also be provided as a flame retardant product that will not burn in the event of an explosion around the tank.

Sealathane can be used as a protective coating on current tanks and containers that require ballistics protection. Our castable Self Seal grades can be used for this application. The castable grades offer many of the same advantages as the rotocast resin system, and may be applied directly onto existing structures. The castable products may be applied to a surface by dip, spray, or paint application.

Our rotocast and castable urethane systems are available as 5 gallon kits.

In addition, we also supply precast sheets that can be applied to existing structures by using our Sealathane Adhesive to ensure an excellent bond. For existing structures that do not have complex contours or details this is an excellent option. Precast sheets are available in sizes ranging from 12" to 48" panels.

The Sealathane Self Seal system is also available as precast Kevlar reinforced sheets that provide the ultimate in tensile, mechanical, and flexural properties. The use of ballistic grade Kevlar provides complete protection against small arms threats and also offers protection against ballistics larger than 14.5 mm, due to Kevlar's ability to slow down and fragment threats. Kevlar reinforced sheets are supplied as 12" x 12" panels. Custom sizes are available upon request.